Automatic RAMAN microscopy

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Raman microscopy is the benchmark when it comes to chemical laboratory analysis. It functions precisely, smoothly and reliably with a high degree of automation. We have developed our own automated Raman and LIBS system. Since we use it ourselves and are in the lab every day, we know exactly what is needed and how important fast and precise analyses are. Many companies in different sectors use the innovative and individually configurable new “MIMAS” system.

MIMAS – The new automated analysis system

The MIMAS is an all-rounder when it comes to identifying organic, inorganic and metallic particles.

Flexible combination of elemental and substance analysis

The MIMAS can accommodate up to three laser systems: Raman 532 nm, Raman 785 nm and LIBS. This means that one laser spectroscope module can compensate for the weaknesses of another. Substances that fluoresce when exposed to the 532 nm wavelength often provide a spectrum at the 785 nm wavelength that allows for identification. LIBS delivers information about the elemental composition of the particles. Very dark and metallic particles can actually only ever be analysed with LIBS. This facilitates the automatic identification of visual and subvisual particles.

Image recognition

Fully automated and GPU-accelerated, all particles from 1 µm to 40 mm in size are recognised and evaluated statistically according to size and other morphological parameters. The scan and evaluation of the entire filter surface takes just a few minutes.

Automated Raman microscopy

Raman lasers (785 nm and 532 nm) allow particles from 1 µm in size to be automatically or manually analysed and identified on a gold filter. Laser intensity and exposure time can be varied infinitely. The system comes with a Raman database. The databases can be expanded or created anew.


LIBS can automatically or manually analyse particles from 5 µm in size in less than a second. The particle material is identified by automatically comparing the sample spectrum with the spectra in the LIBS database. The user can expand the database with their own material spectra and also create new databases. In addition to particles, inclusions in steel or the composition of geological samples can also be analysed.


The system automatically generates configurable reports with all particle size and shape data and all identification results. The respective raw data (images and spectra) is retained and can be viewed as necessary. Data integrity and compliance with international compliance rules is ensured by an audit trail for all relevant user actions, together with tiered user management and protection against data manipulation.

Individual system configuration

Precisely matched RAMAN microscope

It is not you who should adapt to the system, but the system that should adapt to you. We offer bespoke system configurations for various areas of use, including:

  • Pharmacy and medicine
  • Forensic science
  • Environmental protection
  • Technical cleanliness
  • Materials science
  • Automotive industry
  • Microplastics
picture RAMAN microscopy laboratory analysers

Order placement & system configuration

Your RAMAN microscope | Individually optimised

Please feel free to contact us using our contact form. We will then call you back within 24 hours to discuss your system requirements. Afterwards, we provide you with an individual cost estimate.

Laboratory supplies & consumables

Special gold-coated filters are required to be able to perform chemical particle analyses using FT-IR, RAMAN spectroscopy, LIBS and REM/EDX. We manufacture these filters in our own workshop for our own use, but also for sale. Our gold filters, as well as other consumables and auxiliary means we produce, such as filtration sets and certified standards, are precisely tailored to the systems.

High quality standards, economical prices, fast delivery times

Close coordination in this way allows us to guarantee high quality standards and also offer our products at favourable prices compared to the market. Our fast delivery times ensure smooth and efficient operations when it comes to analyses in your laboratory.